From $7 - Cleanses & exfoliates skin leaving you with a brighter and more refined complexion. Gentle on your skin. Clears blemishes and reduces freckles. Reduces the appearance of black marks and bruises caused by burns and injuries. Protects skin from sun damage.

Body Scrub
Body Scrub

Natural Khmer Face Mask

From $5 - Details coming soon...


$10 - Traditional Khmer herbal remedy for period pain. 100% natural ingredients. Reduces pain, bleeding, odour and associated skin problems. Improves physical and mental well being.


$10 - Useful for treating different parts of the body, especially stomach and digestive system. Reduces abdominal pain and relieves constipation. Helps prevent problems occurring in the first place if used regularly.


From $8 - Traditional Khmer herbal remedy using 100% pure honey. Whitens and reduces dark marks on the skin. Helps reduce blood sugar levels and cleanses the inner body. Reduces cholesterol and fat levels to protect the kidneys and liver.

Herbal Healthy Skin

100% Natural Khmer Honey

$20 - Details Coming soon...