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Welcome to Angkor Scrub

We use traditional Khmer medicine & herbal remedies in all our products, past down throught the generations.

People in Cambodia have been using these naturally-occurring herbs and plants to cure all kinds of illnesses and ailments for centuries.

At Angkor Scrub Spa & Shop we hand make all our Body Scrubs and Herbal Products. Exactly how they've been made since the days of the Angkor Dynasty.

Visit our Spa & Shop to feel the warmth, sounds and scents of Cambodian nature.

Relax and release your stress.

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Spa is currently being modernised and extended.
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As a Thank You to all our loyal customers and new customers alike we are offering free delivery in Siem Reap on all our products.
You can order by Private Message on Facebook or Calling 070 46 49 48.
Wholesale inquires are also welcome.

Opening Hours:

Spa & Shop currently closed for refurbishment and expansion. Re-opening very soon.

Appointments can be made for Spa Treatments.

Products are being delivered for free in Siem Reap.

You can order or make an appointment by Sending Message on Facebook or Calling 070 46 49 48.